Dan & Grace Frisch

Jeff, things were perfect. Absolutely wonderful. We had high expectations and you and your staff exceeded them by a mile. Carmella was a wonderful captain, the bartenders were great, and the food was phenomenal. I was thinking back to when we first met and what our vision for the food and catering was. I wanted the food to be memorable and the facet of the party that we really went high-end. Grace and I took that approach at our wedding and people still remember it to this day (over 15 years later!). I think when they talk about Wang-Frisch events they are now going to talking about consistency in memorable cuisine. They already are, actually. The presentation, the temperature, the taste, and the service were so professional and so exceptional. I’ve gotten specific compliments on the lamb, the dumplings, the cornbeef, the pastrami, the sushi, the brisket, the short ribs, the fish, the salads, and desserts. The guests were happy, Grace and I were happy, and most importantly, Abby was very happy. Somehow there were leftovers, and that’s actually how our immediate family has gotten the chance to really appreciate the product. Betty’s was the perfect choice for our event and I hope we have the opportunity to work together again. Thank you for the personal attention, remarkable service, and masterful cuisine.